From Pilots to Pilots!!!

Our specialized professional services to Pilots are: 

  •     CV design
  •     Cover Letter design
  •     Publications sale 

If you are applying for a job, the first impression is extremely important. That first impression is formed by your Cover Letter and CV. With those two you will “sell yourself” as they are your “shop window”!!  

So your Cover Letter and CV must look professional and represent yourself in the best possible way. Aviation Industry is unique and competitive. Your CV must fit in one page only and incorporate professionally all the required details. 

AVIATION MASTERS knows what the HR Recruiter personnel and Chief Pilots are looking for and can design your CV and Cover Letter in order to impress them.

We will design effectively your professional CV and Cover Letter in accordance with your personal needs and experience. We pay attention to the details, as it is our belief that the details make the difference. 

Airlines and Business Jets Operators have been impressed with our high standard services. We are proud of our success history.

AVIATION MASTERS has the knowhow!! 

AVIATION MASTERS also publishes and sells Aviation Manuals/Guides written by Aviation Professionals with experience on the subject always having in mind the needs of a Pilot. All of our publications are written in an easy and friendly way to read.


  •     For CV/Cover Letters: 

When placing your order you will receive an email from one of our team members asking you to send us your existing Cover Letter and/or CV.

An Application Form will also be attached, which must be filled with all required details This will help us design your CV and/or Cover Letter quicker and as precisely as possible.

When your order is ready we will send it to you via email in MS Word and PDF format so you can easily make any updates in the future.

  •     For Manuals/Guides publications: 

By placing your order we will deliver the product accordingly:

By post for a Hard Copy

By email for an ebook (PDF file)


All AVIATION MASTERS customers are valuable to us. For that reason we only accept payments by PayPal, one of the most secured way of online payment.


You may place your order by visiting our online Pilot Store.
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